Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Journal page, TIOT and photo magic

Hello All of you that visit Jumbled Crafts and a thank you from me for calling in today. A bit of a mixed bag today and I hope you enjoy it.

At Art Journal Journal the theme 'poetry in motion' was chosen by dear Jo. You don't have to use a poem to enter, a quote or saying or part of any of them will be fine.

I have chosen the first verse of a poem by Lord Byron and one that I am sure most of you know from school. We studied every line and and I am still not sure what it really meant.

Try it on Tuesday are on the second week of their 'In My Garden' challenge so pop and see what  it is all about as you have lots of things you could add for this challenge

This is a photograph from one of our past gardens where we turned a very messy place into a garden with 3 ponds and many other features

Tag Tuesday has a new theme chosen by Michele and it is Back to School so hope to see you there as well

A digital tag from me today for the challenge with things that used to be associated with a new school year. Not sure boys wear caps now or pupils take an apple for the teacher.

Yesterday I posted a tag for the theme and I also posted a recent photograph of me on the same post. I realised that I still had the same black eyes, pointed chin, and the even almost the same smile. I have done a photo fusion by putting the two together one one top of the other and reducing the opacity to show just how much the same my face is then and now. I did them both ways but didn't alter the shape of the photographs at all I just lined up the eyes, nose and mouth

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Your face really hasn't changed, you still look gorgeous! Lovely new journal page, and the tag is great, too. I think kids take other stuff to school these days, and it's not always good! Have a great day, I'll be meeting up with my lot-and-found relatives again today! Hugs, Valerie

  2. You're such a pretty woman from young to now love chrissi !!! The garden is so beautiful!
    Your day is very nice and the journal is beautiful with the poem!
    I wish you a nice day
    Love greetings Elke

  3. I loved how you said you didn't understand Byron when you studied each line in school. I have had that same feeling before, too.

    Your school tag was fabulous, but that garden was out of this world. I would love to hire you to landscape my yard (grin).

    You were as beautiful then as you are now, and I love the digital way you presented yourself.

  4. I love your beautiful page - thank you for another fantastic idea linked to AJJ and your digital tag is so nice as well - love your playing - you look so young - even without any filter---lol!
    oxo Susi

  5. What a wonderful and interesting post today, Chrissie.
    Love you as young and at the same age as I am :))
    Have a great day xx

  6. Beautiful page and words to celebrate female beauty 😁. Your lady shrouded in darkness is perfect and I love the starburst of light eminating across the page! Your tag is lovely, especially the little bookworm which caught my
    eye ...lol 😀. It's lovely to see you again at Art Journal Journey, thanks so much! Enjoy your week! J 😊

  7. I always loved the poem you used on your wonderful journal page Chrissie, thank you for jogging my memory.
    It is a beautiful garden photo as well.
    It is amazing how you blended the two photos digitally, you do have a lovely smile.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I love your beautiful card, Chrissie. Your garden is absolutely great. And you are very pretty. I do not see any difference at your in your photos. Your eyes, your smile and your kindness will never change! Kisses, my friend.

  9. You have barely changed! I enjoyed your post , as always, and notice that everything, apart from the garden, was connected to schooldays- the poem, the photo and the tag.

  10. Lots of creativity today! Love the photo's. So cool with the merging of the two - both ages beautiful! Fab back to school tag, I hated school so dread to think what I would make - it would probably not be blogable! Beautiful garden and your journal page is awesome! Wonderful image and words - love it! xxx

  11. Brilliant post Chrissie and you still look gorgeous. xx [aNNie]

  12. Fantastic creations, gorgeous garden and beautiful lady, loved seeing the transition. Hugs xx

  13. so much WOW all over this post. so i love the journal page "she walks in beauty" it is a wonderful poem and a wonderful art piece by you. the garden looks lovely, the school tag is perfect and finally as to your photos you are beautiful as ever! very lovely. happy weekend! xo

  14. A brilliant post! I love the journal page! Your tag made me smile too! I have never had a garden pond......don't want to encourage frogs - we used to live near a stream and there were too many then! Yours looked great though! Loved the fun you had with your face!!!Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Great journal page and digital back to school tag! My son was wearing a school cap a few years back in Primary, quite a hassle actually but thankfully not in secondary!
    I love seeing your photos, a great experiment to overlay young and older. And you just proved you haven't changed a bit, and still is the same mischievous 7 year old (I'm the same, my passport age must be a mistake!)

  16. WOW I love how you have laid that photos over each other, with surprisingly different results x

  17. Brilliant pieces Chrissie and you haven't changes a bit, you're still as beautiful now xx

  18. Some fabulous work Chrissie, and lovely photos.


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