Friday, 6 April 2018


Hello Everyone

Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts and I hope you like what I have posted today. Nice sunny day here again so maybe Spring has arrived at last.

Try it on Tuesday would like us to recycle something for the next two weeks and Art Journal Journey ask for Recycle/ Collage so I am entering this project at both of them. The theme at AJJ was chosen by Alison and you have the whole of April to join in there.

Everything on the collage is recycled as I started out with a large box and took it apart to use for projects. The background of my collage is part of the box and everything stuck onto it has been recycled from old projects or rescued from the waste paper box. The stamps were sent to me a long time ago by Valerie and I have used them on lots of projects over the years.

Thought you might like to see something I thought was amazing

 A box arrived and inside was this--wonder what it is? It said to remove first layer of packaging then carefully pierce the second layer

It was like something emerging from a cocoon as this double mattress emerged from the package. It said to leave it for a few hours to swell up and it was ready to sleep on that night. Very comfortable it is as well. No metal springs just hundreds of strong foam ones and lots of other layers just like a normal mattress. 
 What a great idea for people with houses as small as ours where a full size mattress is very difficult to get into a room.

Yesterday this happened again but in a smaller way. The postman posted what I thought was a letter but inside was a ball of wool I had ordered that had been vacuum packed so the postage was only just over £1 as it came through the letter box easily.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. I love your cheerful recycled collage dear Chrissie! So happy to see you at Try It On Tuesday and at Art Journal Journey! That makes me happy! What a clever way this vaccum packed items!
    Happy weekend!
    HUgs, Susi

  2. Much interesting to see on your beautiful collage. Love the bird house (?).
    The mattress looks very comfortable and packing really is amazing. Sleep well, my friend and happy weekend xx

  3. Lovely happy collage Chrissie - lots of fabulous items :)
    Wow - amazing mattress - I hope it is as comfortable as it looks.
    The company that sent a set of 10 gouache paints a few days ago, could do with a lesson in packaging as it arrived in a 12x12x12 box.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Gill xx

  4. Great collage Chrissie, looking awesome.x💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  5. Wonderful recycled collage. The matress was indeed cleverly packed, I bought mine like that, too, and am very satisfied with it. Have a nice weekend, hugs, Valerie

  6. Your art is gorgeous but I admit I am fascinated by your new mattress. I have never seen such a thing but wow. It is amazing what they can do, isn't it? Glad to see you back making art again. hugs-Erika

  7. A wonderful collage, dear Chrissie

    Thank you for joining at TRY IT ON TUESDAY

    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. I was thrilled to see your recycled project. You did a fabulous job taking the box apart, and I am in love with how you used it as the base for this project. I am a huge fan of everything you recycle, so this is just one more example of your incredible recycling efforts.

    Of course, you know I appreciate you sharing this project with us at Art Journal Journey, but most of all, I appreciate YOU and how your recycling mind works.

    What a way to package a mattress, and vacuum packing should be the wave of the future. Too bad we in the states don't think of doing something clever like that!

  9. What a wonderful cheery page Chrissie, and a great bit of recycling! Thanks so much for joining in with my challenge at AJJ!
    A fab way to package the mattress and yarn too!
    Alison xx

  10. What a fabulous recycle collage - I loved looking at the elements that make up this page!How brilliant the mattress looks - glad to hear its comfy too! Hugs,Chrisxx

  11. I love this Chrissie, a fabulous collage. How on Earth did they shrinK the mattress down to this size, I bet you couldn't get it back in the packet lol. Have a very happy weekend and sleep tight! xx

  12. Your recycled collage project looks fantastic Chrissie and you have made such good use of things that would normally be discarded. We should always think twice before we throw things away. Thank you for joining the recycling fun with us at TioT's.
    The mattress had us both wondering how they got it so small to be packaged. All credit to the folk who think about these things. The future is sure on its way. I was pleased to read that you found it comfortable.
    Yvonne xx

  13. beautiful recycling collage,love all deatils and rose colors.
    happy weekend.

    hugs jenny

  14. Great upcycling to create your lovely, vibrant collage, and yes that expanding mattress is amazing!
    Alison x

  15. Great recycling with your collage Chrissie, lots of interesting things to look at. It's amazing that they can vacuum pack a double mattress, as you say so much easier that manoeuvring it around the house.
    Avril xx
    p.s. Thanks for sharing at TioT


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