Monday, 14 May 2018

Tag for 'baby love'

Hi All

Another beautiful sunny morning here but we are off to the dentist which isn't such a happy prospect. I have never been keen on going to the dentist and I think it may date back to the days of old when it always smelt of gas and the instruments looked so threatening.

This is my second tag for the challenge this time at Tag Tuesday. The theme baby love was chosen by Michele and my first tag included a photograph of me as a 'baby'

This tag has me 25 years later with my beautiful daughter. This photograph was also taken by a professional as my husband was changing jobs and it meant us moving 56 miles away from Yorkshire to Lancashire. Our families were devastated and 'needed' a photograph for the mantlepiece so they wouldn't forget what we looked like. You would have thought we were going to Australia and never coming back. At some point in my life I decided to cut all of my photographs up into different shapes and do fancy pages in an album. I really regret doing this now as I spoilt most of them. This was part of a bigger one with my husband and my son on it as well.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. This is a gorgeous tag, with lovely photo.

  2. What a lovely photo Chrissie, but moving to Lancashire from Yorkshire - it's a wonder we ever let you back in lol. I had to go to the dentist too last week as a bit of my tooth chipped off. She gave me 3 different options and a quote for the treatment I could have - when did dentists turn into sales people? Hope you have better luck than I had, and have a very happy week, Sue xx

  3. So you emigrated....! Great tag, love the beautiful photo you used. Thanks so much for joining us again at TT. Good luck at the dentist, I have been there so much lately they will soon be charging me rent, and it's not over yet! Have a great week, will write later. Hugs, Valerie

  4. It's amazing what scanners, digital photos, and digital art have done for photos in this day and age. Too bad they weren't even considered when you cut that lovely photo. But it makes a fabulous Baby Love tag, regardless. It's fun to see you as a mother after seeing you as a baby.

    When I go to the dentist, I ask for nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for everything, including when they clean my teeth (grin). I have a real fear of needles, so they would need to get me nice and loopy before they stuck a needle in my mouth. Hope this is not as severe as you fear.

  5. A really lovely photo of you and your daughter Chrissie, its a fabulous tag.
    Glad you enjoyed a time away, the weather has been super.
    I'm catching up as well, we had poor or no internet last week.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Well, having taken the decision to cut the photos up, I think you've made a great tag with this fragment. It's a lovely shot of you and your daughter - and I hope your husband and son are around to get their own tag at some point!
    Alison x

  7. A lovely tag Chrissie and it's a beautiful photo, full of love.
    Hope you had a 'pleasant' visit with the Dentist, and were able to enjoy the rest of the day.
    Avril xx

  8. Love seeing this tag, with you as a mother of a beautiful little girl. Great photo and tag!!
    (I remember the early days of scrapbooking when photos were all cut into shapes.)

  9. such a charming photo of you and your girl! it's another lovely tag you've made for the challenge! xo

  10. Such a beautiful photo makes a beautiful tag... we would have welcomed you and your family to Australia! Hope the dentist's visit wasn't too painful.

  11. Lovely picture of you and your daughter, Chrissie! Thanks do digital photos we can cut our prints to our hearts content nowadays...

  12. We are home! Stayed an extra night at the caravan as the weather was so nice!It is a lovely tag and a great way to preserve the photo too! Hugs, Chrisx


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