Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Movie night a TT

Hi All

I hope your week is going well

At Tag Tuesday this time Joan has chosen the theme A night at the movies as the theme.

It is years since I went to the cinema and rarely watch films at all even on television but I would have liked to have seen the latest Jumanji at the cinema.  Some one said it was very scary so I am going to wait until it appears on television. Would also like to see the latest Jurassic Park as well but not sure that has even been made yet. Stuck various movie related things onto a black tag for this entry.

I was amazed to see you can buy Movie night bags and even more amazed at the price that I have added to the picture.

Yesterday we went to Hull to visit the Feren's art gallery as they have some famous painting on loan for a short time

 One is Cezanne's card players loaned along with others from the Courtauld collection

This one of Charles 1 by Sir Anthony van Dyck loaned until the end of July from the Royal Collection. It was painted with the three views as it was to be used for a sculpture. It is wonderful to see for real with the King wearing three different outfits for the different poses. I just love to look at how lace is painted and all the collars were very beautiful. 
There is a connection with Hull and Charles 1 and it is a great story. We went on a little land train around the the old town and museum quarters of the city and the chap doing the commentary knows so much about Hull and also made the trip real fun for all. Only £2.50 to hop on and off at various points and go back on the train anywhere at the stopping points. You can board near Ferens and we went all the way round and then walked afterwards to various places.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Trying Annie's way to get notification of comments--hope it works


  2. Hi Chrissie, I hope you receive your comments as this is one fabulous post. Amazing and sending hugs.xx [aussie aNNie blog]

  3. Great tags Chrissie - didn't realise there was a new Jumanji film, thanks for that - although I haven't been to cinema for over 20 years - we tend to buy DVDs and watch films we like over and over again :)
    Great to see the art in that gallery - would have like to have been there too.
    Happy Wednesday... Gill xx

  4. The last time I saw a movie in a theater was in 2008. The two tickets were about the price of the popcorn, candy, and drink, which a friend and I shared. So your price was about right.

    We've been seeing trailers for the new Jumanji film here in the states, but I can't seem to wrap my head around this one from what I've seen. This is a gorgeous tag, though, and I like how you brought it to life.

    What wonderful photos of the art. Cezanne is one of my favorite artists, and I love this painting. The van Dyke is quite good, too. I agree about the beauty of the lace.

  5. A great tag Chrissie and I'm amazed at the 'movie bag' the cost of cinema tickets and that would be quite an expensive night!
    Thanks for sharing your day trip to Hull, lovely to see the art in the gallery.
    Avril xx

  6. Great tag Chrissie, you picked a super film. Thanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday, much appreciated. Who spends so much on a movie bag? Hugs, Valerie

  7. What a fabulous, detail filled tag!! I love it!!
    I never go to the theater (afraid of getting bedbugs, mostly!). The new Jurassic Park has been getting a lot of hype here in the US. I think the release date is June 22.
    I still like the original JP the best, but have watched them all!

  8. It sounds like you had a super day out. I like the idea of being able to hop on and off the tram when getting to different areas.
    The cinema tag looks fantastic, I rarely go the the cinema, the last time was a couple of years ago to see the new Star Wars.
    As for the movie bag, some folk have too much money, that is so expensive to add to the cost of going to the cinema.
    Yvonne xx

  9. ooh i love your movie tag and that movie was great fun! xo

  10. I love your tag Chrissie, but I'm ashamed to say I've never seen the 1st Jumanji film, never mind the re-make! It's ages since I've been to the cinema too, but when I do I won't be buying the goodie bag lol. Have a great week, Sue xx

  11. Your cinema tag is amazing dear Chrissie and great you enjoyed your visit - that goodie back is not cheap... uah!
    Happy weekend !


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